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I am in love with chiropractic. In all the wide and ever widening landscape of healthcare with all of its wonders there is nothing that does what an adjustment can do. Nothing. Staying adjusted. The thrill fades, however, when the epiphany that is that first good adjustment becomes only a glimpse of [...]

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Why We Need Antioxidants The body is constantly changing. Some ways are good and some ways are not so good. You cannot see it happening, but your body is constantly going through oxidative reactions. Oxidation occurs when a free radical takes an electron from a molecule. Electron balance and electron exchanges are crucial to the [...]


It is Never the Stress


It is Never the Stress   Everyone is faced with stress. It becomes a reality of life and the results of stress in our lives ultimately effects our psychological, emotional and physical self.   Many people struggle to cope with Holiday stress, or everyday stress by focusing entirely on the idea of stress. It is [...]

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Why recuperation matters, and three ways you can encourage it


Why recuperation matters, and three ways you can encourage it While the Chiropractic adjustment as a care intervention occurs first and most demonstrably at the articulation—the joints of the body—a successful care process demands that we not only get adjustments, but that the adjustment lasts. We have found that the care process must encompass many [...]

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