Dr. Seals and the staff at Grovetown Chiropractic remain committed to continue to be of service to the community by remaining open to our patients and the public. Our updated hours can be found on our Google page here.

In addition to our everyday office cleaning practices, we’ve implemented the following measures based on recommendations from the CDC:

  • Redundant cleanliness and sterilization procedures in place to include antiseptic wiping of high contact surfaces after each patient.
  • Chlorine dioxide aerosol treatment and glycol aerosol treatment of all public access areas throughout the clinic.
  • Scheduling adaptation to optimize social distancing recommendations.

These cleanliness measures are no different than that which we have done in the past except that we are now doing them more frequently as befits the viral transmission suppression instructions which we all seek to follow.

As a healthcare facility we remain aware of the symptom and contact standards which predicate testing requirement and we remain alert to guidance from federal, state, and local public health authorities.

We ask that all patients or visitors remain aware of the standards, including obvious symptoms of fever or respiratory distress and known contact with infected persons, and employ self-quarantine as is appropriate.

It is clear that containment of the contagion remains our most effective tool as a community to protect ourselves and our neighbors. We expect and look forward to abatement which we arrive at best when working in calm together.

Read more about the CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 here, including additional community resources.