Why recuperation matters, and three ways you can encourage it

While the Chiropractic adjustment as a care intervention occurs first and most demonstrably at the articulation—the joints of the body—a successful care process demands that we not only get adjustments, but that the adjustment lasts.

We have found that the care process must encompass many elements of health, wellness, and function, among them we find that recuperation can be vital to favorable outcomes.
But recuperation isn’t always a passive effort, and there are three simple things we can do to help encourage healthy rest and healing.
Sleep well and maintain a balanced diet: Recuperation is improved with adequate quality sleep and diet and is impaired in their absence. Getting the right amount of sleep at night is a key part of ensuring your body has the time and resources it needs to recover effectively.
Incorporate stretching and massage therapy into your routine: Recuperation has been found to be promoted with enhanced circulation and tissue respiration, a result of numerous bodywork techniques and therapies.
Find a healthy work/life balance: Clearly central to recuperation is a balance of workload/stress to recovery. Often achieving this balance requires changes to how you perform activities and how you work


 *Nervous Function
 *Bone Health
 *Muscle Function
 *Brain Function
 *Many other Body Processes
Three very important minerals, calcium, magnesium and zinc hold a special place among mineral combinations which has stood the test of time among dietary supplements.
Calcium and magnesium are poorly soluble (dissolvable) in water and among the supplements that benefit most from being taken in the liquid form. Liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc has proven to be a difference maker for many as compared to tablet or capsule form.