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At Grovetown Chiropractic, people who need to be adjusted come to find a way to stay adjusted. Finding long-term relief from pain that has become chronic or resultant from an auto-accident; you do not need managed care, you need real care. Wherever you are in your wellness journey, by working together and creating hands-on chiropractic care, therapies and medical referrals when necessary, customized to your needs- together we will find solutions. Serving Augusta, Evans, Grovetown, and the greater CSRA

With more than a decade in the natural supplements industry, Dr. Seals has an extensive background in the variety of factors that go into total body wellness. He brings to his patients an intuitive mixture of science and experience to identify the essential disorder at the root of a patient’s pain or discomfort, in addition to the skill set and work ethic necessary to resolve the problem. Our mission at Grovetown Chiropractic isn’t to help mask a patient’s pain; it’s to help identify the true root of their concerns and address them at their core.

He has practiced for 20 years in South Florida and comes now to the Grovetown area in the expectation of being of service to the community. Dr. Seals remains an active member of both the Florida and Georgia Chiropractic Association.

Real Reviews From Our Patients

At the end of the day, nothing matters more to us than the feedback we get from our patients. At Grovetown Chiropractic, the testimony and acclaim from people who’ve passed through our doors really is the highest form of recognition.

Here are just reviews of our practice. More can be found on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.


Very attentive to patient needs. The doctor really listens and explains and I have seen significant progress in my healing. The staff is kind and helpful.

Jessica B, google review

My first time seeing a chiropractor and everything went great. The Dr was very informative and thorough with everything he was doing. I’ll continue going to this office. The office staff were all very friendly and helpful.

Brian, google review

Grovetown Chiropractic Team is the best! They have been helping me for over a year and have now started seeing my son and I can’t say enough good things!!

Nicole F, google review

Dr. Seals and his staff are wonderful! I’m always greeted with a smile when I come in and my adjustments have been amazing. I’ve experienced headaches for 10+ years and Dr. Seals has relieved them. I couldn’t be more thankful!!

Lindsey G, google review

I love it here and I feel like I’m so well taken care of and truly listened to

Margie S, google review

First time seeing a chiropractor in 25 years. Dr quickly diagnosed the problem and began treatment. Explained the treatment and steps to take at home.

Jerry B, google review

Dr Seals has a gift for healing and is passionate about his work with patients. He takes time to educate me at every appointment and I always leave better than when I arrived. Thank you Dr Seals!!

Susan H, google review

The staff are very nice and attentive. The chiropractor here is very informative, takes his time, is all about getting you well.

Sherrica T, google review

I think I’ve finally found someone who can truly help my body get realigned and back to functioning better. I’ve only had 2 visits thus far, but appreciate how the Dr explains what’s wrong and his approach to healing.

Crystal B, google review

The staff was nice and Dr. Seals was great. He explained everything and didn’t make me feel rushed. I definitely would recommend.

Andre T, google review

Absolutely incredible doctor & staff. Don’t know what I’d do without them and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly highly recommend Dr.Donald. Katy & Ally are exceptional receptionists, flexible, well mannered & accommodating. Very homey family style business feels comfortable. And the doctor will always make you laugh.

Courtney W., google review

Never been to the chiropractor before, and Dr. Seals was great for my first time! He fully explains in depth what’s going on and makes sure you understand the extent and purpose of why he’s doing what he’s doing. Overall a great experience. 100% recommend

Kiara S, google review

I am so happy that I chose to go to Grovetown Chiropractic. The office is clean, the staff is friendly and professional, and the care from Dr. Seals is consistently informational. I’ve seen much improvement in my hip and neck pain and he’s given me restorative practices to implement at home.

Ari V, google review

My son and I had an outstanding visit. This was our second visit. I felt a tremendous amount of relief at this visit. Thanks. We appreciate the excellent service from the moment we arrive to the moment we depart.

Theodore W, google review

Wonderful place with a truly great staff! Dr. Seals is very knowledgeable and informative. Definitely recommend!

Da'Shia H, google review

Best Chiropractor ever! Gentle and effective, he explains things so well, I just love Dr Seals! The staff is just as awesome, attentive and caring.

Jennifer B, google review

This place is amazing! I came in for major back/hip pain from a car accident, which occurred almost two years ago. I have been to other practices in the area but this office is the best I’ve been to. The ladies are so friendly, family oriented and flexible. Dr. Seals is also very knowledgeable, he doesn’t rush when you’re in his care and actually takes time to explain the adjustment, reason for it, what to expect and give great recommendations. I would definitely refer Grovetown Chiropractic to anyone who needs a chiropractor and will continue care with them!

Verlina A, google review

Grovetown Chiropractor staff is very sweet and amicable. Dr. Seals is very knowledgeable on his field and he keeps himself well informed with other health issues. He takes into account the needs of his patients not to exclude he is a great listener. I highly recommend him.

Mildred Q, google review

Dr. Seals is a great chiropractor and more! His knowledge of not just the muscles and bones but of the overall body, nutrition, and supplementation is superb. I enjoy every visit and learn something new each time. I highly recommend Dr. Seals for anyone looking for practical, affordable, and friendly care.

Airrus T, google review

All the staff here are impressive in their job. Their calm & kind & happy & positive demeanor is noticed, felt, and appreciated. The office is clean, comfortable, charming, and well maintained. They are all sharp, thoughtful, and responsive.

Dr Seals’ depth and breadth of knowledge is impressive and I love how he talks to me while I’m being adjusted. About pain or wellness or the body or what he’s trying to accomplish for my body that day. I appreciate all of his tips, suggestions, explanations, insight, and any other tidbit my brain gains during my visit.

I also absolutely love their table with rolling massage balls and heat and ice. It’s a wonderful part of my visit and I think I’d lay there for an hour if they’d let me!!

Sarah M, google review

Give them a try. Friendly Staff, Genuine care and concern about your whole well being INDEED.
Thank you Dr. D. Seals and Staff

Vickey B, google review

Dr. Seals is the Best!! He listens to you concerning your issues and thoroughly goes over a treatment plan with his patient. I was seeking some relief from my migraine headaches. After a few visits to the Grovetown Chiropractic my migraines are fewer and believe it or not I actually sleep alot better during the night. These visit have truly made a difference in my life! Also the staff is friendly and courteous .

Carl B, google review

Excellent experience at this chiropractic office! Doctor was easy to talk to, great spine manipulation and his roller bed is almost like a massage and worth the visit alone. I had great results in my first visit and today was number two with noted improvement on my lower back. Affordable too!

Kimberly T, google review

I have been seeing Dr. Seals since November of 2023. After my car accident I had moderate neck and back pain. He takes extra time to really understand where your body is hurting. Every time I step into his office I feel heard and he knows exactly where I am hurting. I have been to my share of different chiropractors and pain management but he has really helped me get better. Even after my car accident case was done I am still visiting his office on a regular basis. You won’t regret going to Grovetown Chiropractor. His staff is all wonderful and friendly which is a big plus.

Julie J , google review

One of the best chiropractic experiences that I’ve had in a very long time. The staff was very kind and professional. One of the very few Doctors that has actually been able to adjust my hip. 5 of 5 stars for sure! Highly recommended practice. They also do military and first responders discounts.

A.C, google review

This office has a very friendly staff & Dr. Seals is fantastic with his expertise on my injuries. I recommend this office for anyone needing excellent service!!

Shawn, google review

Knowledgeable Doctor and friendly staff.
Never had a bad experience.

Alec T, google review

Very convenient location within the city limits of Grovetown. The staff was very friendly and kind. Dr. Seals was very thorough and explained everything. I have had back problems for years and been to several chiropractors over the years. I will definitely be back to Grovetown Chiropractic!

June F, google review

I wish I could add more stars! By far the best chiro I have ever seen. When I leave I feel like I’ve left the spa.

C.M, google review

I was in horrible pain from a herniated disc this morning. The extremely helpful staff were able to get me a much needed same-day, early appointment.

Dr. Seals recognized the problem right away and immediately started treatment. I felt much better afterwards.

Michael W, google review

The thing I like most about Grovetown Chiropractic is that the doctor takes the time to listen to my concerns and adjusts accordingly. I’m a working progress but I’ve been getting better with each visit and it’s only been 3 weeks. Can’t wait to see how much better I will feel in a few more weeks!

Lydia C, google review

Very caring and professional sweet people ! You can tell their main focus is keeping you comfortable as a patient . 10 out of 10 recommend!

Anaiya C, google review

I love that the office is conveniently located in the middle of town and the staff is always pleasant. There’s no pressure to come in multiple times a week or even weekly, it’s totally up to you. Dr Seals does a good job at not only addressing your issues in the chair but also making sure you leave the office with the proper tools to keep your body moving the way it should. Amazing experience!

Chris R, google review

Always an amazing experience with Dr Seals. My grandpa was a chiropractor and the only one to ever adjust me through my adult life. He passed almost 5 years ago and this is the first time I’ve felt comfortable letting anyone adjust me. I went through my entire pregnancy, my husband goes to him, and am taking my 7 month old daughter to him as well. He truly cares about your health and isn’t in this to make a ton of money like some of the other chiropractors in town. I can not recommend him enough!

Meghan M, google review

Dr. Seals is amazing! He’s very knowledgeable and spends time to explain what is going on in the body. I always feel better after leaving his office. If you are in need of a chiropractor I can’t recommend Dr. Seals enough!

Jessica R, google review

I always feel like a million bucks when I leave this place and I genuinely look forward to my next visit. Dr. Seals and his staff are welcoming, well-trained, polite and professional. I really appreciate that Dr. Seals takes his time with you, gets to know you, explains in detail your situation and the plan of care to get you back to a better quality of life. Highly recommend!

Kyle S, google review

Boy, am I glad I chose GC.They work with my hectic schedule for appointments and my adjustment always makes me feel better. So glad you are so near to my home.

Laura M, google review

Hands down, Dr. Seals is the best. If you want a chiropractor who treats you as an individual and takes a wholistic view of wellness, then make an appointment with Dr. Seals. He focuses on your entire muscular-skeletal system, connects old injuries to new issues and dives into the underlying muscular dysfunction to help lead you back to skeletal ease. Dr. Seals’ office staff are friendly and organized, and his office is aesthetically pleasing and easy to locate. I highly recommend Dr. Seals and Grovetown Chiropractic.

Chris B, google review

Dr. Seals is great. He is very friendly and easy going. He takes the time to get to know his patients and to understand their condition, then he provides practical care along with an optional (not at all pushy) care plan moving forward. Highly recommend.

Matthew E, google review

Dr. Seals and his team are the best!!
I have gone to several chiropractors and Dr. Seals is by far the most effective! He is very friendly and always explains clearly what’s going on with my neck. I would highly recommend Grovetown Chiropractic!

Geremiah K, google review

The staff got me right in to see the doctor. They listened to my issues, took X-rays, examined me and began my “fix.” I am a long-time chiropractic patient who just moved to the area last month. I am feeling pretty good again!

Ruth D, google review

I have been seeing many Chiropractors for over the past 30 years of relocating in different parts of the country and Dr. Seals at Grovetown Chiropractic is by far one of the best Chiropractors that I have experienced. Dr. Seals Chiropractic techniques are precise and have the most effective method for your sense of well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Seals as your next primary Chiropractor.

David P, google review

Highly impressed. They take the time to determine the root of your pain while also teaching you how to prevent future problems. You are not just a number here. I definitely recommend their services.

Heather D, google review

One visit and I’m already feeling so much better! Great customer service as well!

Emmalee N, google review

My experience with Grovetown chiropractics have been wonderful. Kind friendly staff,that cares about your well being. And the Doctor hands down he’s awesome. He’s very knowledgeable and precise. My body feels better every time I go, And leave.

Alto D, google review

Don and his staff are amazing! I’ve never been to a chiropractor before so I was anxious about my first visit. He explained everything, next steps, etc. His staff is also equally awesome! I’ve been three times now, and feeling much better concerning my back pain. Don is very informative and a downright good guy. Will be recommending to others as well as returning for future visits. Thank you

Crystal B, google review

Everyone from the front office staff to Dr. Seals is wonderful and they provide a personal, informative visit that alleviates pain. I highly recommend Grovetown Chiropractic.

Lyndita S, google review

Had the opportunity to speak with, and be seen by Dr Seals. He explained every action and as he examined my back. He also explained why he was doing what he was doing. Any question I could think of, it was probably already answered in his explanation. The physical: he used his hands and some tools to stretch out and loosen my back muscles allowing my spine to move more than it was, before placing me on my back on a a ice pack and a machine that rolled my back. Arrived unable to turn my head/neck without pain, to being able to turn free of pain.

Drill S, google review

Been getting adjusted here for over a year now. Amazing, knowledgeable doctor with an amazing staff. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

April B, google review

Dr. Seals is great! Very friendly, personable, and makes sure to address all problems. The front staff is super friendly as well and the office is clean and welcoming. After my adjustment I felt so much better and even slept better. 10/10 definitely recommend!

Carolyn B, google review

Dr. Seals is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been too! I have been going to a local “express” chiropractic clinic for the past year, and although I never had a bad experience, the treatment was always very hurried and superficial. A 5 minute quick fix which left me feeling better for a day or two, and then I was back where I started. Since my insurance doesn’t cover treatment, I was reluctant to try a different clinic but I am SO glad I did. It was worth every penny. Dr. Seals is so warm and friendly, and instantly puts you at ease. He dedicates almost an entire hour to my appointments and is so thorough. The majority of my treatment is muscle and tissue work, followed by some gentle, precise adjustments at the end. I have seen more results in the past 2 weeks than I did in a year at my previous clinic, and I only wish I had switched sooner!

RCB, google review

Great experience all around! Dr. Seals is extremely knowledgeable. He takes the time to get to know his patients to ensure he provides the best and most appropriate treatment. All of the Grovetown Chiropractic team members are very friendly and attentive. If you are in need of chiropractic care, this is the place to go!

L.C, google review

I have been so pleased with the service I have received at Grovetown Chiropractic. Dr. Seals is very knowledgeable and he does not rush my adjustment. He takes time to make me feel comfortable and explains what he is doing. He has been very successful in helping my back and neck problems. His staff is super nice and they always make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!

Glenda L, google review

Very knowledgeable and took his time to go over my history before we did anything, which was important to me.

Christy C, google review

Since I have been coming to Grovetown chiropractic I have felt valued and cared for. The attention to detail Dr Seals takes with my care is remarkable and I have never seen it before. I also have been feeling much better since I have been going. If you want a Dr that wants to see you get well choose Dr Seals. 

Michelle C, google review

Best chiropractor I have ever found. I have been going on and off to a chiropractor for the past 8 years for a chronic hip injury that has never made any progress towards healing. Kurt a few weeks after finding Dr. Seals office and I am finally on the path to recovery and can feel the improvement where I never have in the past with any other chiropractor. He does not just adjust you and send you on your way he actually gets to the root of what the injury or issue is!

Miranda L, google review

My very first visit was one of need and not want. I had several issues in my upper back from a HIIT workout. No roller or stretching could reach that spot. My husband made me an appointment at Grovetown Chiropratic and my treatment was underway the same day! I left a little but more functional, and as each day passed I got closer to 100%. I expect to get the same great service the next time I visit.

Keya B, google review

The staff is friendly and so kind! The doctor is super knowledgeable and gets right to the problem and gives you ways to work on it at home if possible. He’s absolutely amazing Kayla is amazing 10/10 recommend

Angela J, google review

I’m new to the area and haven’t seen any doctors. I was experiencing excruciating pain in my neck over the weekend and decided to call Grovetown Chiropractic on Monday morning and they worked me in the same day. The chiropractor was kind, knowledgeable, and listened instead of rushing through the visit. I got my first night of sleep last night after being awake for 3 nights in pain. I’m thankful I went to Dr. Seals and plan to continue treatment.

Devin N, google review

From the first time I met Dr Seals I could tell not only is he very knowledgeable but he also genuinely cares about his patients. He took his time and listened to my concerns. Never did I feel rushed or like just another patient. Always feel like a million bucks when I leave. If you want a great chiropractor then go se Dr Seals and his awesome staff.

Eric S, google review

“I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Seals for chiropractic care, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Dr. Seals is incredibly informative and knowledgeable, which immediately put me at ease about my treatment. His ability to relax his patients while providing expert care is truly commendable. I left his office feeling confident that I was in the right ‘hands,’ pun intended. I highly recommend Dr. Seals for anyone seeking top-notch chiropractic care.”

Kirk W, google review

Dr. Seals and Kayla were great! My barber referred me to Grovetown Chiropractic and they definitely did not disappoint. I would recommend!

Josh F, google review

Katy and Ally always make me feel welcome upon arrival. Dr Seals is fantastic. He always finds the cause of pain and takes care of it, while offering exercises and stretches to help avoid recurring issues. His knowledge and willingness to explain any procedure is comforting and much appreciated. Always a great experience visiting the office!

Jeff W, google review

Dr. Seal and his staff are amazing. His staff is kind and provide great service. They make you feel welcome when you walk through the door. Dr. Seals is knowledgeable and professional. He addresses all concerns you may have and goes into depth when explaining the treatment he is providing for you.

Frances W, Your Content Goes Here

My daughter and son in law referred me to Grovetown Chiropractic with Dr. Seals and they told me I would love him. I am very grateful for the care he has given me for the relief of pain and much discomfort with my neck, lower back and daily migraines. He is very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Seals.

Monica S, google review

Been going here for about a year. I absolutely love the care team and the Doc is great. My back and neck always feel better when done.

I.B, Your Content Goes Here

Love this office! Dr Seals is very good with pinpointing where your problem areas are, and uses hands on manipulation to help work out painful areas. He is very knowledgeable about treatments using natural remedies. The staff is very friendly, efficient, and the wait times are minimal.

Rhonda H, google review

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