Payment Policies

Insurance: We accept most insurances to include Medicare. Because plans vary and change often, please call our office to verify coverage. (706)400-4333.

Wellness care costs: Since we opened our doors in 2016, our clinic continues to offer a wellness rate that is reasonable.

Package plans: We do not insist on or even offer package plans; we do not auto debit for service or keep your payment options on file. We are passionate about getting all of our patients to a place where they can manage their bodies with little to no help from us. Wellness care is assessed on a visit-by-visit basis, and we rarely prescribe multiple visits over a period of time for wellness patients.

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries: We are happy to verify coverages, bill your auto-insurance or the at fault driver’s insurance when there is coverage and we accept attorney LOPs which allows you to focus on what really matters.

After a severe trauma, like a car accident, it may be recommended that you have a more in-depth treatment plan that requires more visits, but as stated above, the goals remain the same.