Upper Cross Syndrome/Cross Bench Pullover


As a chiropractor, I have cared for many, many people who have presented with chronic/acute neck pain, headache and upper back pain with situations that made it imperative that we define and manage postural distortions which we would either address successfully or be left with no hope of a stabilized recovery. Staying adjusted [...]

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Three Myths about Chiropractic Care


Three myths about Chiropractic Care, and the Truth about Managing Pain Three myths about chiropractic care Chiropractic is just for low back pain. This myth is false. Chiropractic has a long-standing position of being the resource for management of low back pain, neck pain and headache pain. Some chiropractors may [...]

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Tension Headaches


Tension Headaches: Causes, Signs, Symptoms and Management Headaches are an affliction for many people, more than 8 million Americans have to go to a doctor because of their headaches every year! [1] There are many manifestations of headache such as migraine, cluster and vascular as well as tension. Tension headaches are a common affliction that [...]

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Understanding Chronic Myofascial Pain


Understanding Chronic Myofascial Pain: Exploring the Mystery Behind Persistent Muscle Pain Living with chronic myofascial pain can be like living in a maze- constantly going in circles but never getting anywhere. It affects not only physical well-being but also the overall quality of life and state of mind. Let’s dive into the elements of chronic [...]

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Wax On, Wax Off; for Lasting Adjustments


Wax On, Wax Off; for Lasting Adjustments Everyone remembers the iconic film, Karate Kid, which engendered the classic trope- wax on, wax off. This phrase is injected into discussions with patients routinely because it works. It puts flesh on the bones of a concept which is crucial to one our most important clinical objectives which [...]

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Healing Knee Pain through Chiropractic Care


Knee pain often finds it’s way into a chiropractic office. The chiropractic, as a provider of manual care, can often be a good resource in managing knee issues. The chiropractor will look at the knee the same way every joint is looked at, by considering the articulation itself and the structures, muscles, tissues, tendons and [...]

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Why some muscles won’t heal


Why some muscles won't heal As we engage patients with the many varied disorders and complaints that you might expect in a Chiropractic practice, we discover common threads which underlies many if not all of the conditions which we encounter. Among the most common is the muscle/tissue disorder: back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain. Sometimes, central [...]

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Pre-Exhaust Everyone that needs to BE adjusted needs to STAY adjusted. That's obvious, which is why this thinking is at the center of our care modeling. But what if there is an injury? How do athletes that commonly get injuries during training or throughout their life, continue to train and still heal?     pre-exhaust   [...]



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