Why some muscles won’t heal

As we engage patients with the many varied disorders and complaints that you might expect in a Chiropractic practice, we discover common threads which underlies many if not all of the conditions which we encounter. Among the most common is the muscle/tissue disorder: back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain. Sometimes, central to the muscle/tissue disorder is a repair that your body put down that is inadequate; or a repair that healed poorly.


It is common in the field of manual health care to discover interventions which help but don’t yield lasting results. The massage, the chiropractic adjustment, other physical modalities which manage to touch the problem but not resolve it. The adjustment is an intervention which primarily addresses the articulation (joint), while various tissue procedures, like trigger point reductions, attend muscular elements of the frame. We have found that resolving articular and muscular issues together yields far more lasting results than simply focusing on the adjustment or the muscles.


The stark barrier to best results in this matter is the persistent/chronic tissue disorder. Often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or the like. Persistent tissue disorders seem to include postural distortions, repetitive micro trauma (vocational or otherwise) and muscular pain which involves chronic pain arising from trigger points, fasciitis, adhesions-problems in tissues which have developed as a result of ongoing inflammation. These trigger points, fasciitis, and adhesions-problems yield a disturbed repair process that will not resolve wit muscle relaxers, stretching, heat or any of the things which help muscle that is simply tight or hypertonic. All of these cases are examples of repairs that your body makes that went poorly.


Management in this situation requires broad engagement of the entire picture. Holistic, chiropractic management.


Are you struggling with a persistent muscle pain or trigger point? It may be a muscle that healed poorly and needs remodeled. Because muscle pains are caused by a wide variety of things, it is best to come in and be examined by a professional to understand the true root of your pain.