Plantar Fasciitis Care

Plantar fasciitis is a fasciitis of the plantar surface of the foot, or the sole of the foot. A fasciitis is the result within muscle, tendon and fascia of inflammation that has become not just chronic but chronically acute. The management of a plantar fasciitis involves bringing together the necessary recuperative elements to see that the fascia itself heals and addressing the dynamics that led to the fasciitis in the first place.


Often the foot itself needs to be adjusted, in many cases attention needs to be made to the pelvis and the gait cycle. Balanced flexibility and strength at the pelvis, knee or ankle, could be relevant. Each case varies widely and should be assessed on a person-to-person basis. There are some cases where there is remarkable bone spurring which is part of the picture. Tendon becoming ossifying and developing into a spur is the mark of a fasciitis that has had a long time to brew.


Range of motion techniques and cryotherapy are huge here for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Many conditions are improved by cryotherapy, the plantar fasciitis demands cryotherapy. We have not seen one plantar fasciitis complaint improve without employing some form of cryotherapy.


A true win we see in the efforts of improving the fascist and improving the symptoms of the plantar fascist is by putting a water bottle in the freezer as an ice pack for your foot. When icing any body part you want to have one layer of fabric between you and the ice. The foot is unique in you can simply keep your sock on!


Once the bottle is frozen it becomes the perfect self-care tool for your plantar pain. You can simply roll the frozen bottle back and forth on the foot and get the pain reliving affects of the cold, plus the healing effects of the reflexive vasodilation. A true win-win.


If you cannot seem to keep the pain of your foot away, it may be time to come in and see a chiropractor. Many people are often pleasantly surprised when they see what a big difference a chiropractor can make in the treatment of plantar fasciitis or foot pains.