There has been a long tradition of seeking chiropractic care for a radiculopathy. The words sciatica and chiropractic just seem to go together- and for good reason. Radiculopathy is when nerve roots become injured, pinched or disrupted where they leave the spine and often in the periphery. This can occur for many reasons: disc bulges, herniations, traumas, injuries, bone spurs, and degenerative changes in the spine or periphery. Radiculopathies are not a life sentence, and can be treated and/or managed.  


As happens often in chiropractic care, a person comes to us describing a problem (chief complaint) which turns out NOT to be the real problem. Long term success often turns upon arriving at an awareness that the presenting disorder is really a reflection or result of another disorder which, when resolved results in the resolution as well of the presenting complaint.  


For example, with radiculopathies, the symptoms they cause often tend to be thought of as the true issue while in reality the circumstances pinching or affecting the nerve are the true cause, and furthermore the cause of the radiculopathy is the correct diagnosis. If we come to realize together the cause of your symptoms, we can together create a game plan to treat and prevent them from causing symptoms in the future.  


A nerve functions a little bit like an electric wire and a little bit like a garden hose. A nerve carries an electrical signal of sorts but, like a garden hose, can have its signal disrupted by pressure on the nerve. To further complicate the process, we find that nerves are susceptible to DOUBLE CRUSH- a response from the nerve wherein multiple points of entrapment, none of which alone would cause a symptom, add up to create symptoms.  


The broader approach of articular and myofascial management which has become the care model here at Grovetown Chiropractic has yielded impressive results with radiculopathies like sciatica. If you are suffering from an entrapped nerve, or a radiculopathy give us a call to schedule a free consult to see what all we can offer you.