Why exercise should be in your New Year’s Resolution 

Your body is the only body you get so take care of it! Taking care of anything requires your time, care, responsibility and commitment. As we come into the new year if you have made exercising a part of your new year’s resolution, you have already taken a valuable step into caring for yourself, both body and mind.


We all are aware of how New Year Resolutions often fizzle out over time, and one of the best ways to prevent this is to find something you really enjoy doing. When most people imagine exercise, we often picture a treadmill or lifting some barbells, but there is so much more! (Biking, kayaking, hiking, sports, walking, weight lifting, running, swimming.) If you find what you really love doing, it will go from being something on your to-do list to something you WANT to do.


For the people who are curious of what they have gotten themselves into, or people who are still skeptical to a new addition to their already full lives, see below the many benefits of EXERCISING! Reading about these scientifically proven benefits may make you start seeing exercise as a “cure all” kind-of-thing.



Benefits the mind. Numerous studies have proven that exercise, even as simple as just walking 30-minutes a day- can decrease anxiety, depression, negative mood, stress, tiredness, low self-esteem, and social withdrawal. Exercise can also increase your energy, productivity, creativeness, self-esteem, endurance, cognitive function. It is also proven to improve your sleep, confidence, mood and simply just make you feel happier.


Benefits the body. Hard to believe all of those benefits are only for the mind. Exercising benefits your body just as much, not to mention the improvement of sleep and mood can already benefit your body. Regular exercise helps improve your range of motion and flexibility, improves overall brain health, strengthens your bones and muscles, boosts your immune system, improves your eating habits, and improves your ability to do every day activities. Studies have also proven that exercise has antiaging effects and can improve your overall tone and color.


Reduces Health Risks. Exercise can increase your longevity by reducing your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other heart issues and diseases. Regular exercise reduces your cholesterol and can also reduce your risk of strokes making you all around healthier.


Weight loss. If you plan to start exercising because of you goal to lose weight, the weight loss will not be the only benefit you will experience from losing weight. When you reduce the weight of your body is also reduces the weight on all of your joint. Reducing some of the pressure on the joints can make them healthier and reduce pains you may have experienced before.



Where do Chiropractors help with exercising?


Chiropractic care and exercise can go hand-in-hand. While we would hate for you to come in with an injury or pain from working out, regular adjustments that aligns the spine, neck, back, hips, and other parts of the body can improve your stability and strength ultimately allowing you to get the most out of exercising. One major thing chiropractor can do is help you locate the under recuperated link in your chain of muscles. If one muscle fails to recuperate it can throw the whole system off. Chiropractors can offer trigger point reduction to try to help recuperate the unhappy muscle and try to persuade it to partake in the activity again.