Help with your New Year’s Resolution


If you missed the last newsletter or blog, click here to learn all about the benefits of exercise. If you are unsure about or cannot add exercise to your new year’s resolution, try an easier resolution like KEEP MOVING.

We have cared for many people with a wide variety of reasons for seeking care and have had wonderful success with so many people and while certainly every person’s situation has aspects which are unique, we have found a common denominator in the quest for success in the simple and powerful importance of motion.

A lack of movement for anyone can be extremely detrimental. There are many studies that show if you are not moving, you are losing brain power. People easily underestimate how much their brain works to move a muscle, and the effects of a lack of movement.

See below 19 simple tips to help you make it a goal to keep moving into the New Year!

Park far away: Most people try to get the closest parking spot possible for convenience, however it is more beneficial to park as far away as you can to get the most walking out of your trip.

Look around: Whether you are out at the store or at an office, take a scroll around and see what all there is. If this tip would be harmful on your wallet, maybe skip this one!

Clean up: Household chores like cleaning up, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are all great ways to get moving. Whether you have a smaller or larger house you have to be moving to complete these tasks. Incorporating them into your daily or weekly routine is a great idea.

Stretch during commercials: After sitting still for the duration of a show or movie, take the opportunity when the commercials come on to get up and move a little bit, your body will definitely thank you after.

Choose the stairs: If you are plagued with the option of elevator, escalator or stairs, CHOOSE THE STAIRS!

Walk, don’t drive: This one sadly cannot be done by everyone, but if you are lucky enough to live close to the store or coffee shop, walk (OR BIKE) there sometimes instead of driving.

Stand when possible: Whether you are waiting on something, or taking a phone call, stand instead of sitting.

Cook: Cooking often requires you to stand for a while while preparing the dish, plus you get amazing food after you have been up moving!

Dancing: Go out and dance, or dance right in your room. Turn some music on and JUST DANCE!

Gardening: Light Garden duties can keep you moving. Having to constantly care for plants inside or outside to keep them healthy is a great place to add some movement in your life and can be very rewarding.

Stretch while you wait: A good time to stretch could be when you are making a pot of coffee or for yo. While you wait, go ahead and get a good stretch in, your body will thank you.

Walking meetings: Most jobs have some form of meeting, instead of having this meeting sitting get the whole office out for a walk.

Stability ball: Sitting on a stability ball requires your body to work whether you notice it or not.

Drink more: We mean water, but any drink would require you to have to go to the bathroom more which equals more movement.

Take a walk while waiting: It may be weird if you are just stretching while waiting for your doctor or dentist appointment but as most wait times are around 15 minutes, take a walk during this time!

Gaming: If you are a gamer, start playing games that involve movement like the Wii, or Xbox Kinect.

No drive thrus: Instead of going through the drive through, walk in to order.

Standing desk: replace your sitting desk with a standing one.

Exercise while sitting: There are many exercises you can do while sitting. If your driving or stuck in a desk try glute cleanteches, or a grip strengthener. If you are sitting at a desk, try a under the desk elliptical.

Out of these tips, you should be able to find a few that you will vow to do into the New Year. While they may seem small, they will impact you in many beneficial ways.