Staying Adjusted ™


I am in love with chiropractic. In all the wide and ever widening landscape of healthcare with all of its wonders there is nothing that does what an adjustment can do. Nothing. Staying adjusted. The thrill fades, however, when the epiphany that is that first good adjustment becomes only a glimpse of [...]

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Why We Need Antioxidants The body is constantly changing. Some ways are good and some ways are not so good. You cannot see it happening, but your body is constantly going through oxidative reactions. Oxidation occurs when a free radical takes an electron from a molecule. Electron balance and electron exchanges are crucial to the [...]


Muscle Reduction, and Why


Muscle reduction and why There are many people for whom getting adjusted becomes frustrating because the adjustment can be difficult and the benefits of the adjustment are not lasting. Among the variables that become the frustration of an adjustment not lasting is the wellness and the quality of the muscles and the muscle tendon tissue [...]

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Add this to your New Year Resolution


Why exercise should be in your New Year Resolution Your body is the only body you get so take care of it! Taking care of anything requires your time, care, responsibility and commitment. As we come into the new year if you have made exercising a part of your new year’s resolution, you have already [...]

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Why Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution Should Include Chiropractic Care


New Year, New You. Believe it or not, the start of the year can actually be the perfect time to assess your personal health! Whether that includes looking back on 2017 at the things you accomplished or looking ahead to 2018 and the goals you plan on setting for yourself, Chiropractic care can be [...]

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Simple Travel Tips For Stress Relief


Simple Travel Tips for Stress Relief ‘Tis the season to be completely stressed out. Everyone could benefit from some simple travel tips for stress relief. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, the week of Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel weeks of the entire year! If you’re leaving Augusta to visit [...]

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Four New Year’s Resolutions A Chiropractor Can Help With


Four New Year’s Resolutions A Chiropractor Can Help With It’s that time of the year again. When the garland officially comes off the tree, the lights get put away for next year, and we start looking ahead to the New Year. It’s hard to think about celebrating on New Year’s Eve without at least [...]

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