Finding TMJ relief through Chiropractic care

Can a Chiropractor help with getting TMJ relief? The TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is unique in human anatomy. The TMJ is the articulation of a single bone, the mandible, with the skull – joining at two points, one point on either side; and at each point of joining really representing two different articulations. The TMJ upon the skull is capable of hinging and gliding. It manages two joints at one point with a disc and so we have the skull, a disc and the condyle of the mandible.

What causes TMJ?

TMJD can have obvious reasons of developing, often times an improper bite or an overworked Jaw subsequent to a long dentist appointment. Some times these reasons are not so clear as TMJD can occur for a list of reasons one being nothing to do much with that particular joint at all. Lovett found a clear relationship with joints much lower in the spine affecting the TMJ joint with his reactor relationships. Regardless of the cause of your TMJD, with structure close to the midbrain, TMJD can cause a wide range of symptoms.

Disorders of the TMJ usually manifest with one or more of several components. Commonly the TMJ disorder presents as disturbed coupling or coordinated motion among the joints. That person often finds that the excursion or the capacity of the mandible to open fully is often qualified and often painful.

Correcting TMJ

Correction of uncoupling disorders is usually straightforward unless it is accompanied with remarkable tissue disorders or disorders of occlusion.

Muscle and tissue disorders have been discussed here, but uniquely to the TMJ, access to these tissues can be difficult. The procedures taught in school included an intraoral procedure that I find personally medieval. We have managed to access the muscles involved in other ways, more humane ways to help people find relief from their TMJ.

Disorders of occlusion in some cases are correctable with appliances, but in some cases may require the intervention of an orthodontist.

TMJ is a common complaint in our office and over the years have found ourselves being able to successfully manage TMJD complaints and help people find TMJ relief.