Optimized, functional outcomes

Let’s discuss optimized, functional outcomes. What do we really achieve here at our clinic? Most people who walk through our doors have dealt with pain from everyday life, a sport injury, every day life or an accident. They have went to their medical doctor, prescribed medication, referred to physical therapy, prescribed more medicine, then recommended to get injections or sometimes surgeries. These steps can be important for your level of awareness of an issue, but often times will still leave you with issues. After one has exhausted these options, with little to no relief, they are ready for chiropractic care.

We do not require someone to go through all of these steps to be seen by a chiropractor, but it helps us treat you if you are willing to let go when reducing chronically inflamed muscles or realignment as often times when they first walk through the door this can be a difficult process.

These can be difficult processes, and the processes improve when someone exhausts other options or they have so pain to where they are willing put up with the necessary muscle work or adjustments to arrive at a place where you can start to heal.

We never want to treat the pain, because more than not, the pain is not the root of the cause. For example, a common symptom that we get in the office is headaches caused by muscle strains. The problem is not your headaches, your problem is what is causing the headaches, headaches are simply a symptom of the problem. This conclusion is very important for optimized outcomes, because if we only treat your pain once the pain is gone you will feel like the problem is fixed and close that chapter. As much as we wish life was this simple- it is rarely that simple.

Often times even after the pain is gone, the issues causing the pain are not fully resolved. This can cause your pain to return. You should leave our care with a clear understanding of your issues, signs that your issue is flaring back up, or how to keep your issue at bay.

If you come to understand the root of your problem you can become the best advocate for yourself. This understanding helps allow you to resolve problems before they start to cause you so much pain that you are willing to let someone crack your bones.