What is an adjustment? Why adjust?

You have come to the chiropractor which means among providers you have come to the mechanic and if you are in the right place, it will be because we get you on the table and come to see that there is disfunction in your frame that we can improve and so in improving can successfully address the reason you are here. If you come in and you do not get better, what we did must have not worked. There are some exceptions to this like some elderly people with remarkable morbidities that are going to just continue to need ongoing care, but generally speaking the presentation that needs chiropractic care should be resolvable with chiropractic care. But what is an adjustment?


If somehow we can improve the reason you are here in a way that it can stay improved or you can take it home and keep it improved, we can get rid of the disorder and possibly even get rid of me, the chiropractor. When that happens in here almost always it is a reflection of having needed an adjustment.

What is an adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustment is often described as an alignment. Alignment is very important in terms of your frame. We get a great deal of success when we choose to view the need for an adjustment as not being a bone that was out of place, although almost certainly it was out of place and your spine was out of line, the thing we will address the instant we adjust you will not be that the bone is out of place but that it could not move back by itself.

Staying adjusted…

This thinking takes us from a static picture of alignment to a dynamic picture of functionality. If you come to realize that your adjustments are not lasting, very commonly this issue comes back to the quality of muscles, tendons and fascia. Central to achieving lasting success with qualified muscles and tissues is identifying elements within the tissues that have resulted in this persistent qualified state. We have discovered that if we get a person’s frame moving normally that issues of alignment very commonly correct themselves. This however demands us to not simply think of the joint because motion does not simply occur at joints. Motion only happens normally when the joints and muscles and in some cases the bearing and alignment are brought into order. If we find you are able to be adjusted and stay adjusted, then you get to keep what we did here, take it home and make it your own which is the outcome we consider to be a success.