Questions About First Chiropractic Adjustment

Let’s face it.

When you go in for your annual cleaning at the dentist or a routine physical, you probably don’t have too many questions about what to expect. You might be worried the dentist will be able to tell if you haven’t been flossing, but the general nuts and bolts of the appointment are usually pretty straightforward.

If you’ve never seen a chiropractor before, knowing what to expect could be the barrier between you and your first chiropractic adjustment. Will it hurt, or how often do you really need to come in for care?

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

1. Does Getting A Chiropractic Adjustment Hurt?

This is the most common question we get at Grovetown Chiropractic. People who’ve never been to a chiropractor before are sometimes more concerned about how much treatment might hurt than they are about getting rid of their pain!

The good news is that a chiropractic adjustment, while a type of manual manipulation that requires bones and joints to move physically, is highly controlled and rarely ever causes true discomfort.

And even though more intense concerns may require more pressure to create real, long-lasting relief, the doctor will always work with you to ensure a comfortable adjustment that places you in the road to recovery.

At Grovetown Chiropractic, Dr. Seals is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic where his studies included training in Diversified, Upper Cervical Specific, Gonstead, Thompson, Flexion Distraction, SOT, Activator, and Applied Kinesiology techniques. Translated, all of this means we have a spectrum of techniques available so that the most reasonable, effective steps can be taken to help any given situation with the least possible discomfort.

2. What Will My First Visit With The Chiropractor Be Like?

Like any other doctors visit, we always start with a consultation and examination. While that examination may include tests like x-rays, Dr. Seals does not require imaging for every patient and rarely involves imaging to know what and how to adjust.

You may want to start by explaining the symptoms or pain you experience, or the kinds of external factors that trigger your concerns. After that, the doctor may want to feel those areas of the body. If you have knee pain when you’re running, we may want to flex that leg to understand where and how the pain occurs.

For most standard wellness patients, your initial consultation with Grovetown Chiropractic traditionally lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and is always free of charge. Many chiropractors charge for a consultation, but we want you know before committing to treatment if and how being adjusted will help address your health concerns.

Following the consultation, you can decide to schedule or proceed with your first chiropractic adjustment and/or therapy session! Combined, a standard chiropractic visit lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, though the first visit may last roughly one full hour.

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3. But How Do I Know If I Even Need A Chiropractic Adjustment?

In most cases, patients come to us with pain or some other symptom. If your back hurts or your shoulders are too tight to move, you might (correctly) assume it’s time to take the plunge with a chiropractor.

Correctly employed, chiropractic care does not treat symptoms. Symptoms occur in response to an internal or environmental causation. Identifying the disorder that’s causing your symptoms helps us determine a course of action that does not simply mask symptoms or pain, but leads to an improvement in your overall health that helps someone rise above pain.

In some cases, your concerns might be more subtle or less frequent. Did you know a pinched nerve could be the cause of those constant headaches? Or that clenching your jaw at night (sometimes referred to as TMJ) could be the result of a spine or neck injury?

In all of these examples, incorporating a chiropractic adjustment into your wellness routine could have a significant impact on the symptoms you’re experiencing.

4. How Many Times Do I Need To See The Chiropractor

Unlike some other types of medical care, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to seeing a chiropractor. While that may not be the answer you’re looking for, it’s important to recognize that some issues will take more time to address than others.

In this regard, it becomes critical to remember that we are treating the problem, not the symptoms. We go to lengths to define the elements of the diagnosis and it’s management- both in office as well as at-home care. Continuing care to the point of control of the root cause becomes the most important element of obtaining benefits that will last.

No matter what you’re dealing with, a regular check-up with your chiropractor can be just as important as regular check-ups with your dentist or primary care physician.

Incorporating chiropractic adjustments into your routine is often the best way to maintain your overall spinal health and prevent long-term or chronic conditions from occurring. If you’re having more intense pain, more frequent visits could be beneficial over a certain period of time. In either case, the doctor will recommend the best course of treatment and work with you to establish a rhythm that makes sense for your needs.

5. Will I Need X-Rays?

At Grovetown Chiropractic, we don’t administer x-rays unless it’s absolutely necessary to establish the proper care needed or our patients request them.

Unless you’ve been involved in an accident (where x-rays can be crucial to uncovering injuries that may not necessarily be connected to physical symptoms yet), or have underlying health concerns or surgeries we need to know about, we don’t require x-rays to recieve a chiropractic adjustment.

6. Do I Need An Appointment to See The Chiropractor?

The reality is that inflammation and discomfort can occur at any moment and your pain may not keep a regular schedule you can plan for. If you find yourself with a sudden onset of pain, we want you to be able to get immediate access to the care you need. For this reason, Grovetown Chiropractic does not explicitly require an appointment to be seen for an adjustment.

While we strongly recommend an appointment to ensure all of our patients are seen in a timely manner with dedicated attention, we also welcome walk-ins during normal business hours in emergency situations.

Out of respect to patients who’ve pre-scheduled their time with Dr. Seals, scheduled appointments will be given priority, though our staff will make every effort to provide a transparent and accurate wait time for walk-in appointments as necessary.

From one of our many positive online reviews, here’s what one person had to say about Dr. Seals and Grovetown Chiropractic on Google: “This was one of the best visits I have ever had. He takes the time out to educate you on what is going on and ways to mitigate it for next time. I highly recommend him above anyone else, especially since it’s a family practice so he is very passionate about his profession.”

7. Will My Insurance Cover My Chiropractic Adjustment?

At Grovetown Chiropractic, we make every effort to help our patients get the care they need.

In order to make your visits as affordable as possible, we do our best to work with all major insurance plans and PPOs, Medicare, and even a letter of protection from your attorney if necessary to establish a convenient and dependable solution for covering your treatments.

You do not need insurance in order to be seen at Grovetown Chiropractic for an adjustment. Because we’re passionate about the health and well-being of our patients, we always do our best to establish a Wellness Plan with transparent fees for everyone (barring extreme complications or physical trauma).

Our staff will cover all of the options and costs with you up-front prior to your first adjustment to guarantee a stress-free experience.

Taking The First Step

Whether you’ve got more questions, or you’re ready to take the first step towards incorporating chiropractic care into your wellness routine, we’re all ears.

You can book directly from our Home page, use the online messaging system on the right of your screen, or simply give us a call at 706-400-4333 to book your first chiropractic adjustment today!